Friday, June 23, 2017

A Beginning

I start this between an end and a new beginning. It’s been a goal of mine to start writing, and to go on to publish articles and research and books about school counseling. I’m not one to fully shut my brain off from my school counseling work, which means that this summer after ending my first job and before starting my next, I’m compelled to take the plunge and begin blogging.

I’ve spent the past two years working as the sole counselor at a small K-8 school. I will begin my next adventure working exclusively with middle schoolers at a 6-12 school. This summer, I’ll focus on writing about activities and lessons from the school where I just finished up. I get lots of my ideas from blogs, Pinterest, and the Elementary School Counselor Exchange and Caught in the Middle School Counselors Facebook groups. I’m hoping this blog will be a helpful addition to the wide world of school counseling resources, and that you’ll find things to help your program from here.

For a start, I’ll post a picture I took on my first day of work of my office that I just spent yesterday packing up!

Tip: Have your books on display and easy for kids to see and grab!

I’d often have kids reach for a book if they came in for a quiet moment or had to wait for me to finish something up. Having materials on display allows for children’s curiosity and instincts to explore take over. Even my oldest students would look through something geared toward much younger children, and often it would lead to a question or comment that made me confident they took something away in their hearts. There’s nothing quite like watching a group of rowdy 8th grade boys pick up The Juice Box Bully as a joke and begin reflecting on their own experiences with bullying as they read it.

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