Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Positive Affirmation Fortune Tellers

I love positive affirmations. They’re easy, they’re quick, they’re fun, and there are endless ways to work them into activities, lessons, and even hallway conversations. They are simple enough to teach to the youngest students, but powerful enough to grab ahold of the older ones. Here I share one of my favorite positive affirmation activities: fortune tellers. (I can point to similar reasons for my love of fortune tellers: they’re easy, they’re quick, they’re fun, and great for all ages.)

I used this activity in a small group, but it could be easily adapted for a whole-class lesson or used individually. If you need a tutorial on folding a fortune teller, this is a good one. Just ignore what they say to write on it, and follow my instructions instead. 

We started by discussing what feelings might prompt a need for a positive affirmation and brainstormed a list of many emotions that might apply: sad, worried, insecure, angry, lonely, etc. Each student chose four feelings that come up for them most often to be the outside flaps of the fortune teller.

The middle section of the fortune teller contained numbers, as in the classic version.

For the inside, this is where the positive affirmations came in! Each student chose eight positive affirmations, one for each section (can easily be modified to choose four for younger students or students with disabilities). They selected their affirmations from cards that I downloaded for free: http://www.kidshappyapps.com/how-to-use-affirmations-cards/. They wrote the affirmations on the innermost section of the fortune tellers and were ready to use them.

To use, the student selects a feeling from the outside that they’re currently feeling. They spell it out while opening and closing the fortune teller with each letter. They then select a number and open and close it that many times. Finally, they choose another number and open the flap to reveal the positive affirmation that lies beneath. They should read it out loud to themselves at least three times.

An easy, low-prep project that puts a coping skill in kids' pockets – what’s not to love? 😊


  1. How do you make the fortune tellers?

    1. Good question! There's a good tutorial here: http://www.wikihow.com/Fold-a-Fortune-Teller but instead of colors on the squares, you'll put the feelings, and instead of fortunes on the inside, you'll put the affirmations. I will update the post to include that link for others who need it!