Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DIY Counselor Mailbox (with a Bonus Office Pic!)

I can't lie - one of the most exciting parts of my week so far has been getting a table. A real table. Not the temporary, makeshift, actually-is-a-two-person-desk table I was using, but a table I can have groups and meetings at. My office finally feels complete enough to post a picture of! 

In addition to my office, I want to share with you all how I made my mailbox for my door. 

My system for kids visiting me is as follows: if my door is open and I am there, they are welcome to come in and talk to me (provided they have permission from their teacher, of course). If I am not here or if my door is closed, provided it is not an emergency, they can leave a note. These are what my notes look like - nice and simple:

I took a cardboard box like this one - the kind you might get something small in from Amazon (such as a new computer charger, which mine came from).

I put the part that opens on the bottom and closed side, I cut a slot for students to stick the notes in. That way, it's not obvious how to get into it, but I can easily open it up to retrieve a message. 

My favorite part is that I found dry erase tape! I covered the top, sides, and front with it, which both makes it look much prettier and allows it to double function as a dry erase board! So if I know I'll be out of my office for a period of time and know where I'll be, I write it on my mailbox. 

The whole thing took me about 5 minutes and less than $10 in materials (really, the only thing I bought special was the tape, which I have plenty left of!) I hung it up with a couple poster strips, and it’s working out great so far.

Hope all of your offices are turning out nicely too! Post a picture of yours in the comments!  


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